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Hire me :)

Pronounced Dziek | he/him

Hello I'm Dziek!

I'm 28 and one month old and I'd like to be your PR & marketing intern :D

I love chaos, but I love order more (not in a fash way lol)

Don't tell anyone but my partner gets me to do her spreadsheets from her job


I subscribe to Simon Carless' newsletter, and sometimes I read it

I own a laptop


I've had customers tell me to fuck off

I've had customers pour loose Maltesers into my hand whilst I'm on the checkout

Both times I kept it cool :)

Has lots of friends

Website :)

Interactive Entertainment* I've made

Videos Content

Things I've Written

Reasons to hire me


I’m good at spreadsheets

I love scheduling things and sorting stuff out

Good under pressure

Friendly :)


Has done game dev so knows in the smallest way possible “it”

Good in teams


Reasons not to hire me


My teeth


I'm Dziek!

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